The healthcare industry is faced with a variety of communication hurdles and as an end-to-end solutions provider, TAMRIS Strategic Solutions is here to deliver. According to recent estimates, poor communication costs hospitals across America more than 12 billion dollars a year (approximately 2% of the average hospital’s revenue). At TAMRIS  we offer communication and collaborative tools within hospitals that help improve patient safety, satisfaction and mobile workflow.

We Can Help

TAMRIS is dedicated to providing secure communication solutions that address the potential exposure resulting from subpar communication workflow. Our team is equipped to help our customers address potential liabilities and achieve the following goals:

TAMRIS Solutions Working Together
  • Support patient safety goals & initiatives Increase patient exit scores
  • Assess communication between patient safety systems, mobile devices, electronic medical records, endpoint devices, communications, clinical systems including telemetry, nurse call systems
  • Improve patient experience
  • Work effectively and efficiently across information technology suite, the clinical suite, and biomedical systems
  • Help improve HCAHPS scores and higher reimbursement