TAMRIS Solutions plays a critical role in the evolution of acute care


Your employees should stay connected no matter where they are


Our mobile solutions help you more effectively communicate with your employees across the entire spectrum of your business


TAMRIS Solutions helps you to communicate more effectively

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TAMRIS strategic solutions is your single source provider and consultative resource for end-to-end mission-critical, secure communication solutions.

With over 17 years of healthcare solution experience, TAMRIS Strategic Solutions is an end-to-end provider of mobile workflow solutions and communication technology (ICT) that enhances the secure transmission of mission-critical information.

Our experts have worked with leading corporations in America and are prepared to help your employees stay connected in an environment that requires timely, secure communication.

TAMRIS differentiates itself from its competitors by focusing on secure communications technology and all constituents and aspects of the business that will be affected by the technology implementation including employee safety and patient care. This holistic focus allows us to provide value at all stages of the evaluation-to-optimization process.

Are You Ready To Mobilize Your Workflow?

Your employees should stay connected no matter where they are. At TAMRIS we offer secure devices, software, solutions, maintenance, professional services (training & consulting) and audit trail for tracking for industries like healthcare and a host of other industry sectors including manufacturing, hospitality, and energy.

Collaboration is Key

Our mobile solutions help you communicate more effectively with your employees across the entire spectrum of your business. Our team understands that a fully integrated solution is a process with no end date because your employees’ safety, collaboration, and communication are as important to us as they are to you.

The Need For Rapid Response

Rapid response has played a critical role in the evolution of acute care. While the right people and equipment are critical, quality technology is equally important to enhance efficiency and decrease response times.  Our devices provide automatic alerts that are sent directly to rapid response teams (RRT) to ensure you get the response you need when you need it.

Better Decision Making

Everyone benefits from timely, effective internal communication processes, including your customers. Streamlining your mobile workflow increases your efficiency and improves the customer experience. The right tools will help your team plan their day a little more and have the day plan your team a little less!

Industries We Serve

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Hospitality

Our Products

TAMRIS Strategic Solutions offers enterprise smartphones/purpose-built devices, software workflow applications and professional services that ensure your enterprise mobility needs are 100% covered.

Our Promise

TAMRIS Strategic Solutions promises to keep our clients’ missions and values central to our approach and customer support.